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Tutorial – Get Data From Your Own Custom Market


⚡️Airbtics can provide you the most accurate data from your custom market.

💡 Get to know a market you never thought you'd see before.

🕒 5-minute read

✔️ You need to subscribe to the new market you will create.

How to use the Tailored Region feature?

If you can’t find your desired region by typing in the search bar or you would like to reach a zone the default limit isn’t allowing, you can use the Tailored Region feature.

In the search bar, click “Create Your Own Neighbourhood!" 🔎


Search for the country of your desired region. 🌎


In the map, zoom in to your desired area. 🗺️


At the top left on the map, you’ll see a polygon shape, click it and start drawing the area ✏️


Draw the area limits and make sure to close the shape 🔷


When the shape of the polygon is closed it will start to load all the area's data 📈


And Voilà, you’ll have all the market insights from your desired area. 📊


Once this is done you will be able to save the link or area's name, for example CL-6, and search visit the same region whenever you want to.


If this isn't enough

Please send us an email via [email protected] and we are happy to find a way to help you out.