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FAQ About Data

How do you get the data?

The primary data source is our web scraping software, which takes data points straight from Airbnb. Although we get data from Airbnb hosts via iCal or vacation rental managers, these are only secondary data sources.

How accurate is your data?

We do our best to provide the most accurate data. To do that, we apply data science and machine learning algorithms to train our various classifiers to improve the accuracy of the data.

I can't find some Airbnb listings

Some Airbnb listings may not be shown in the dashboard due to following reasons.

1) The dashboard doesn't include the listings added in the past four months. 2) The dashboard doesn't include the listings that appear to be inactive. Inactive means either the listing's calendar is marked as unavailable by the host. 3) We only have about 90% of Airbnb listings in our database. Although we are trying hard to increase this rate, there are some technical limitations. ing rate from Airbnb rate is around 90%. There are some listings that we simply failed to scrape thus not existing in our database.

How often is Airbtics data updated?

Investment Dashboard: It's updated monthly. Pricing/CompSet Dashboard: It's updated every week on Wednesday.

How many years of historical data is available on Airbtics?

From the dashboard, you can see and download the past 12 months' historical data of individual listings. Here's a complete list of our data specification.