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FAQ AirDNA VS Airbtics

We often get asked questions about how our product is compared with our competitors. This may be a sensitive topic, but we did our best to answer them here.

Why is your product more expensive than AirDNA?

How does your data/product compare to AirDNA?

We believe our product offers more competitive features and those can be broken down into below.

  • Filter: We consider truthfully that our product is more advanced since we allow you to filter by amenities like pool, by host type, by condo/apartment, and more.

  • Dynamic data: When you purchase an AirDNA subscription for a market, you only get 1 data point for 1 geographical region. With Airbtics, the data is updated as you move around the map, as it only reflects the data of listings showing on the map. This allows you to get dozens or hundreds of different geographical regions from 1 market.

  • Data export: You can export individual Airbnb listing data to CSV.

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